Utah State University Press

Assignments across the Curriculum

A National Study of College Writing


An Essay for the English Profession on Potentiality and Singularity

Before the Manifesto

The Life Writings of Mary Lois Walker Morris

Beneath These Red Cliffs

An Ethnohistory of the Utah Paiutes

Between Pulpit and Pew

The Supernatural World in Mormon History and Folklore

Between Talk and Teaching

Reconsidering the Writing Conference

Castle Valley, America

Hard Land, Hard-Won Home

Cemeteries & Gravemarkers

Voices of American Culture

Chasing Literacy

Reading and Writing in an Age of Acceleration

Class in the Composition Classroom

Pedagogy and the Working Class

Coal in Our Veins

A Personal Journey

College Writing and Beyond

A New Framework for University Writing Instruction

Comb Ridge and Its People

The Ethnohistory of a Rock

Coming to Terms

A Theory of Writing Assessment

Compelled to Write

Alternative Rhetoric in Theory and Practice

Composing Research

A Contextualist Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition

composing(media) = composing(embodiment)

bodies, technologies, writing, the teaching of writing

Composition Studies as a Creative Art

Teaching, Writing, Scholarship, Administration

Conceding Composition

A Crooked History of Composition’s Institutional Fortunes

Coyote Steals Fire

A Shoshone Tale

Crafting Presence

The American Essay and the Future of Writing Studies