Welcome to the University Press of Colorado
2020 American Anthropological Association virtual booth!

While we are sad we can't see you all this year, we are excited to recreate our booth in this space. Below, you'll find links to the new and soon-to-be published titles that are debuting this year, and we are offering a special 50% discount with free domestic shipping* on all titles in Anthropology, Archaeology, Folklore and Indigenous Studies, so be sure to stock up! Just fill your shopping cart and use promo code AAA20 at checkout.
*Discount expires Dec. 31st, 2020.
(Please note books that are not-yet-published will backorder, with estimated publication dates subject to change.)

If you had a project you were hoping to talk to us about, connect with us during the conference through the virtual exhibit hall, or reach out to Darrin Pratt at at your convenience. If you have questions about the discount offer, title availability, or the website, please email Beth Svinarich at .

New and forthcoming titles:

The Maya after the Emergence of Divine Kingship

Folklore, History, and Ethnography from Northwestern Guatemala

Beyond an Archaeology of Settlement Abandonment

Military Culture and Its Discontents

An Archaeology of Gardens and Gardeners at Amache

Ignorance, Vilification, and Othering

A Material History of the American Indian School Experience

Race, Class, Power, and Resistance of Women in Academia

Debates on Mesoamerican Cosmologies

Maya Society in an Eighteenth-Century Yucatec Town

Domingo de Vico, K’iche’ Maya Intellectuals, and the Theologia Indorum

Single Women’s Households in Mexico, 1560–1750

Operational, Cognitive, and Experiential Approaches

Indigenous Interaction, Resilience, and Change

Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Rocky Mountains and Borderlands

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