01 July 2021

CA allocates $7 million for the preservation and rehabilitation of the House on Lemon Street

From the The Museum of Riverside:

The Museum of Riverside celebrates meeting its fundraising goal for Harada House all at once!  A generous allocation from the state of California of $7 million ensures that the rehabilitation of the house and construction of its interpretive center will be completed in full and as quickly as practically possible. With Sumi Harada, Mark Rawitsch, author of "The House on Lemon Street," first nominated Harada House as a local historical landmark in 1977.  The house earned its National Historic Landmark status in 1990. Rawitsch’s book tells the story of the Harada family’s struggle to realize their American Dream, from immigration to their challenge of the California Alien Land Law to their forced removal during World War II and beyond. Rawitsch states, “This new support means that future generations will be able to learn from the Harada story in ways that should make our country a better place to live and to understand that our diverse history is something all Americans should be proud to know.