07 July 2021

University of Denver Joins University Press of Colorado | Utah State University Press!

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July 7, 2021
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University of Denver Joins University Press of Colorado | Utah State University Press

The University of Denver is pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2021, it joins the University Press of Colorado (UPC), a consortium of 10 universities in Colorado and Utah, and its imprint, the Utah State University Press.

The University Press of Colorado publishes 40 to 45 new titles each year, spanning the disciplines but with a particular emphasis on anthropology and archaeology, composition and rhetoric, environmental justice, folklore, history, and natural history. The University Press is committed to diversity and inclusion and to making high-level scholarship widely available to a broad community. The decision to join the consortium, University of Denver Provost Mary Clark says, reflects DU’s ongoing investment in knowledge exchange with the scholarly and broader communities. “The University of Denver is delighted to become a member of the University Press of Colorado. Their work deeply aligns with our values and we are eager to collaborate,” she says.

Michael Levine-Clark, Dean of DU libraries, agrees. “There are many benefits for DU in joining this established press. We believe strongly that university presses play a fundamental role in the dissemination of knowledge, and we have a duty to help support scholarly monographic publishing. There is support of membership in the University Press from all deans and upper leadership, as everyone appreciates another avenue for DU branding of scholarly publications and how that helps to advance the academic reputation of the University.” 

“We are so happy to have DU join the ranks of our membership,” says Darrin Pratt, director of University Press of Colorado | Utah State University Press. “Our Press, founded in 1965, has been hoping for several decades that our publishing program might someday benefit from the insights and expertise of the faculty at the fourth largest university— and the largest private institution—in the state. Adding DU’s unique disciplinary strengths to our editorial program should point us in some interesting new directions.”