Composition, Rhetoric & Writing Studies

A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy

Reading and Writing in an Age of Acceleration

Pedagogy and the Working Class

Techniques for the Systematic Coding of Text, Talk, and Other Verbal Data

A New Framework for University Writing Instruction

A Theory of Writing Assessment

Alternative Rhetoric in Theory and Practice

Activism, Engagement, Praxis

A Contextualist Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition

bodies, technologies, writing, the teaching of writing

Teaching, Writing, Scholarship, Administration

A Crooked History of Composition’s Institutional Fortunes

Graduate Instructors and the Teaching of First-Year Composition

Labor and Action in English Composition

The American Essay and the Future of Writing Studies

Writing and the Question of Transfer

The Rhetoric of Lines across America

Exploring Translingual Writing Pedagogies and Programs

Affective Digital Mediations toward Film-Composition

Understanding the Political Economy of Composition