Folklore Studies

Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore

Culture and Medicine in Modern Health Belief Systems

Nationalism, Utopia, and Longing in Oral Cultures

Cape Breton Conversations on Culture

Oni, from Ancient Times to the Present

and Other Stories from the Field

The Theory, Analysis, and Aesthetics of Humor

Analysis, Interpretation, Critique

A Contemporary Legend Casebook

A Dialogic Ethnography of Bessie Eldreth through Her Songs and Stories

An Introduction to the Study of People and Their Traditions

Second Edition

Telling, Retelling, and Remembering

Rural Mexican Americans, Another America

Mary Susannah Fowler's Life of "Unselfish Usefulness"

Cultural Narratives of Basque American Women

Death and Humor in Folkore and Popular Culture

The Folklore of Mormon Missionaries

AIDS Legends and Vernacular Risk Perception

Folklore and the Supernatural

Mormons on the Page, Stage, and Screen

Mock Trauma and Folk Drama in Staged High School Drunk Driving Tragedies

Modalities of Swedish American Summer Celebration

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