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Mockeries and Metamorphoses of an Aztec God

Tezcatlipoca, "Lord of the Smoking Mirror"

Moctezuma's Mexico

Visions of the Aztec World Revised Edition

Native Pathways

American Indian Culture and Economic Development in the Twentieth Century

Navajo Textiles

The Crane Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Negotiation within Domination

New Spain's Indian Pueblos Confront the Spanish State

Networks of Power

Political Relations in the Late Postclassic Naco Valley

New Mexico and the Pimería Alta

The Colonial Period in the American Southwest


The Quiet Americans Revised Edition

No One Ailing Except a Physician

Medicine in the Mining West, 1848-1919


The Philosophy and Science of Caring


The Philosophy and Science of Caring Revised Edition

Obsidian Reflections

Symbolic Dimensions of Obsidian in Mesoamerica

Old Blue's Road

A Historian's Motorcycle Journeys in the American West

On Colfax Avenue

A Victorian Childhood

Ores to Metals

The Rocky Mountain Smelting Industry

Origins of the Ñuu

Archaeology in the Mixteca Alta, Mexico

Parallel Worlds

Genre, Discourse, and Poetics in Contemporary, Colonial, and Classic Maya Literature

Passage to Wonderland

Rephotographing Joseph Stimson's Views of the Cody Road to Yellowstone National Park, 1903 and 2008

Patron Gods and Patron Lords

The Semiotics of Classic Maya Community Cults

Persist and Publish

Helpful Hints for Academic Writing and Publishing

Persistent Progressives

The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union