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Uranium Frenzy

Saga of the Nuclear West

Revised and Expanded Edition

Usable Pasts

Traditions and Group Expressions in North America

Utah Wildflowers

A Field Guide to the Northern and Central Mountains and Valleys

Vascular Plants of Northern Utah

An Identification Manual

Very Like a Whale

The Assessment of Writing Programs

Warrior Ways

Explorations in Modern Military Folklore

Water Wise

Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes

Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West

A Professional and Do-It-Yourself Guide

Ways to the West

How Getting Out of Our Cars Is Reclaiming America's Frontier

Weathering the Storm

Independent Writing Programs in the Age of Fiscal Austerity

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Circulation of Proverbs in Contemporary Life

What We Are Becoming

Developments in Undergraduate Writing Majors

What We Really Value

Beyond Rubrics in Teaching and Assessing Writing

What's True in Mormon Folklore?

The Contribution of Folklore to Mormon Studies

When Our Words Return

Writing, Hearing, and Remembering Oral Traditions of Alaska and the Yukon

Who Owns This Text?

Plagiarism, Authorship, and Disciplinary Cultures

Whose Goals? Whose Aspirations?

Learning to Teach Underprepared Writers across the Curriculum

Wicked, Incomplete, and Uncertain

User Support in the Wild and the Role of Technical Communication

Wildlife on the Wind

A Field Biologist's Journey and an Indian Reservation's Renewal

Winter Carnival in a Western Town

Identity, Change, and the Good of the Community

Winter Quarters

The 1846-1848 Life Writings of Mary Haskin Parker Richards