Become an Institutional Member

Membership in the University Press of Colorado is open to all institutions of higher education located in the state of Colorado and nearby states.

How to Apply

Accredited colleges or universities that wish to apply for membership should write to the Board of Trustees of the University Press of Colorado.

Chair, Board of Trustees
University Press of Colorado
245 Century Circle, Suite 202
Louisville, CO 80027

Application letters may be submitted electronically via email or by post.

If accepted, a new member's dues are assessed by the Board of Trustees based upon the relative size of the institution as determined primarily by the number of full-time faculty and other instructors employed by the applicant. The initiation fee for new membership is one year's dues.

New members will be able to designate a representative to the University Press of Colorado's Board of Trustees.

Benefits of Membership

Participate in a Scholarly Publishing Enterprise

Member institutions are able to participate in a scholarly publishing enterprise without the capital investment of building and supporting their own press.

Access to a Home University Press

Faculty members at our supporting institutions have access to a home university press. Faculty at our member institutions

  1. serve as trustees on our board, providing editorial guidance and oversight;
  2. peer review manuscripts within our key disciplines;
  3. serve as general editors on book series (e.g., Timberline, Mining the American West);
  4. act as advisors regarding new directions both broadly (new disciplines or subdisciplines to pursue) and more narrowly (new manuscripts to pursue); and
  5. publish with us as authors when appropriate.

Access to Publishing Expertise

Additionally, faculty are welcome to draw upon the publishing expertise of the University Press of Colorado staff even if their manuscripts do not fit an established field in which we publish. That could include, but is not limited to, advice regarding

  1. the structure or direction of a manuscript;
  2. appropriate publishers for a topic; and
  3. putting together a winning prospectus for submission to an appropriate publisher.

The University Press of Colorado's publishing expertise and services are available to campus entities at our members that are engaged in related enterprises. For example, we work with the Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University to market, sell, and distribute their annual Colorado Prize for Poetry winner, and we co-publish Manifest West, a literary series edited at Western State Colorado University.

Efficient Marketing Services

University Press of Colorado provides a relatively low-cost means of marketing our member institutions:

  1. Our books, in both print and digital form, are distributed worldwide by the University of Chicago Press (North America) and National Book Network International (all other territories).
  2. Every title we publish lists our member institutions on the copyright page as part of our imprimatur.
  3. All of our marketing efforts—including this website, our seasonal catalogs, our direct mail campaigns, and our advertisements—list our supporting members.

Free Print Copies

Our member institution libraries receive free print copies of every title we publish, from all imprints.

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