Our Publication Processes and Timelines

University Press of Colorado, Utah State University Press, University of Wyoming Press, and University of Alaska Press are committed to transparent and equitable peer review and publication processes. In both processes, we require the usage of inclusive language, meaning our house style precludes the use of ableist language in our books; we capitalize Black, Indigenous, and related terms and use self-identified descriptors for multiply marginalized and/or underrepresented (MMU) scholars and groups of people; we respect and will preserve language diversity; we encourage a broad range of writing styles; we require the usage of alt-text and transcriptions of any multimodal projects; and we require respectful engagement and inclusive citational usage in our reviews and publications. Reviews that engage in hostile language or reinforce stereotypes in citations or identities will be redacted or rejected and will not be used in the evaluation of a work for publication.

We explicitly welcome works from scholars without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, ability, or age. We also commit to mentoring MMU scholars through the publishing process and invite antiracist, queer, decolonial, and anti-ableist research and reviewers of our publications. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please contact the appropriate editor of that list for more information.

Successful path to publication (timelines are all estimates and may be extended beyond what is here, in part because the work is collaborative and depends on labor both within and beyond UPC | USUP | UWP | UAP):



Inclusive efforts will change over time, so please return to this document as we revisit and revise our own processes. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on this and pledge to work at continually bettering our own systems, scholarly publishing, and the disciplines in which we publish. 

Today we seek transparency in our work and thank you for being part of our scholarly community. We invite critiques on ways in which these processes, timelines, and efforts could be improved and acknowledge that, as a publisher, we have long participated in systems and structures that have not always welcomed MMU scholars or made publication accessible to them. Please find an anonymous survey here where you’re welcome to share your feedback and critiques with us. We look forward to working with you!