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    The University of Wyoming Press publishes peer-reviewed works of scholarly, cultural, and social importance that are relevant to our state, region, nation, and world. As an imprint of the University Press of Colorado, we aim to advance and disseminate knowledge globally by publishing significant scholarly works and making them accessible.

    What We Do

    University of Wyoming Press titles are anchored in interdisciplinary approaches to the humanities and social sciences, including books that enhance, explore, extend, critique, and interrogate Wyoming’s cultural, political, economic, and historical narratives. Our goal for these books is to facilitate communication among scholars and to engage the peoples of Wyoming and the Mountain West in conversations about our histories, cultures, and resources.

    Democracy and the United States

    We seek manuscripts that deepen our understanding of the quality of democracy in the United States, as well as the colonial legacy and influence of the United States internationally. This work is like a laboratory of democracy: we publish books that consider problems of democracy and how the history of race, class, and gender have shaped systems, political movements, and institutions. We are particularly interested in publishing books rooted in intersectional, interdisciplinary approaches to humanities and social sciences scholarship that ask enduring questions about democracy, ethics, justice, and the public good.

    Public Humanities

    We are interested in projects that describe, theorize, or critique the ways in which humanities scholars and practitioners interact with the public in the form of cultural institutions such as museums and libraries, cultural agencies that create programming for communities, nonprofit organizations that promote humanities engagement, as well as public events in local communities.

    Environmental Humanities

    We seek manuscripts that take interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the entanglements between acute local and global environmental crises and human culture and relations of power (e.g. racial formation, performances and structures of gender, capitalism, settler colonialism). We are particularly interested in the development of these relationships between the social lives of humans, flora, and fauna and the environment over time, and we invite scholars from a range of disciplinary perspectives, including cultural studies, history, literary studies, American studies, and ethnic studies, as well as other interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary fields. 

    Books in our environmental humanities list can explore humanities methods for understanding how environmental crises came about and currently exist, as well as how we might build just, sustainable futures. Environmental humanities manuscripts that also deal fundamentally with issues of environmental justice will be considered for our Intersections in Environmental Justice series, published in cooperation with University Press of Colorado and Utah State University Press.

    Our Commitment to Diversity

    Together with the UPC cooperative members, the University of Wyoming Press is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. Knowledge advances through productive differences in thinking. We, therefore, encourage diverse viewpoints in our workplace, on our governing body, within the body of scholarship we publish, among the authors who produce that scholarship, and in all of our collaborations and partnerships.

    As a member of the Association of University Presses, we fully support the Joint Statement of Principles developed by the Coalition for Diversity & Inclusion in Scholarly Publishing and the Statement on Equity & Anti-Racism ratified by the Equity, Justice, and Inclusion Committee and the AUPresses Board of Directors.

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    The University of Wyoming Press is supported, in part, by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.


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