CCCC 2020 Resources

We are excited to host resources here from our authors that are connected to their new books or presentations and talks they had planned to give at CCCC 2020 in Milwaukee. Please see them all below.
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CCCC Roundtable Talk: “Can First-Year Students Learn Academic Discourse Minus Its White Supremacy?
by Robert Eddy and Salah Al-Din
Robert Eddy, coauthor of Writing Across Cultures, coeditor of A Language and Power Reader: Representations of Race in a "Post-Racist" Era

Audio exerpt from Situating Writing Processes: Physicality, Improvisation, and the Teaching of Writing from author Hannah Rule
(WAC open access ebook currently available. Print book forthcoming)


Video introducing More than a Moment: Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs and a blog entry about connecting the book to Covid-19 by Steve Krause.

 An audio feature from Norbert Elliot on Talking Back: Senior Scholars and Their Colleagues Deliberate the Past, Present, and Future of Writing Studies

Richard Haswell and Norbert Elliot each on Early Holistic Scoring of Writing: A Theory, a History, a Reflection

 Rachael Shah introduces her forthcoming book, Rewriting Partnerships: Community Perspectives on Community-Based Learning

Michele Eble and Erin Frost introduce thier forthcoming collection, Interrogating Gendered Pathologies

 Mark Sutton introduces The Writing Studio Sampler: Stories about Change

Casey McArdle and Jessi Borgman introduce thier soon-to-be-avaible book, Personal, Accessible, Responsive, Strategic
(WAC open access ebook currently available. Print book forthcoming)