IMS Studies on Culture and Society

The University Press of Colorado distributes the IMS Studies on Culture and Society series for the Institute for Mesoamerican Studies at the University of Albany. IMS is a non-profit educational research institute dedicated to the study and dissemination of knowledge concerning the peoples and cultures of Mesoamerica (Mexico and northern Central America).

Authors interested in proposing projects to IMS Publications should consult their publication information.

Beware the Great Horned Serpent!

Chiapas Under the Threat of Napoleon

Indigenous Bodies, Maya Minds

Religion and Modernity in a Transnational K'iche' Community

On Being Maya and Getting By

Heritage Politics and Community Development in Yucatán

Where Did the Eastern Mayas Go?

The Historical, Relational, and Contingent Interplay of Ch'orti' Indigeneity

With Our Heads Bowed

The Dynamics of Gender in a Maya Community

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