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Dear Reader,

We would like to invite you to consider an important request to support one of our preeminent publication lists at the University Press of Colorado.

Our Case

As state support for higher education in Colorado faces serious challenges—at the same time that technological innovations and changing purchasing habits at academic libraries threaten the revenues of scholarly publishers—University Press of Colorado has made the strategic decision to focus on our most financially successful lists. Costly but important areas of publication like our highly regarded program in anthropology and archaeology require other sources of support to close the gap between revenues earned from book sales and the full cost of publishing. To that end, the University Press of Colorado has initiated a margin of excellence campaign in support of this vital program.

Our Appeal

We invite contributions from individuals and families through one or more of the following avenues now, or in the future:

  • Annual fund, in any amount
  • Endowment fund, in any amount (held in The Denver Foundation)
  • Book sponsorship, minimum $5,000
  • Wills or bequests, in any amount

Our Mission

To advance and disseminate knowledge globally by publishing significant scholarly works and making them accessible.

Nowhere is the impact of that mission more evident than in our anthropology and archaeology list. In the past decade, we have done the following:

  • We have published over 150 titles on modern and ancient civilizations from every inhabitable continent, with a particularly robust list covering Mexican and Central American (Mesoamerican) cultures.
  • We have reached over 95,000 readers in 40 countries, 40,000 of whom are lifelong learners exploring our collective cultural past outside of the university classroom.
  • We have published the research of over 800 scholars from around the world.
“University Press of Colorado is a leader in the field of Mesoamerican archaeology. It is a pillar in the study of central topics such as religion and politics in ancient Mesoamerican societies. The press has introduced new fields of study, particularly the role of commoners in society and the study of childhood, which have gone on to transform how we understand the ancient Mesoamerican world.”—Cynthia Robin, Professor of Anthropology, Northwestern University
“Over the last several decades the University Press of Colorado has made outstanding contributions to Mesoamerican archaeology by producing an array of significant scholarly works. One glance at the list of recent releases quickly reveals a host of erudite authors who have contributed publications that are both provocative and remarkably ingenious. This press is truly becoming a leader in the academic publishing world for those interested in new initiatives in archaeology.” —David Lentz, Executive Director and Professor, Center for Field Studies, University of Cincinnati
“The University Press of Colorado has a long history of publishing Mesoamerican archaeology and over the last two decades it has become the leader in the field. Time and time again, when I talk to colleagues who have a book manuscript they are preparing for publication about aspects of Mesoamerica, UPC is their first choice as a publisher. Many of the most important and innovative books on Mesoamerican topics over the past 15 years have been published with UPC and some are destined to become important historical references” —John Douglass, UPC author and Director of Corporate Research, Statistical Research, Inc.
“The titles that this press has produced have been on cutting-edge topics. The publications, especially those in my own field, are particularly useful to me in my research and in the classroom. The UPC staff is terrific to work with and UPC does an outstanding job in editing and moving the book along in a timely fashion. I’ve got many more ideas for publishing and I look forward to continue working with UPC.” —Nancy Gonlin, UPC author and Senior Associate Professor of Anthropology, Bellevue College

Our Value

For over 50 years, University Press of Colorado has been a lean and efficient cooperative operation, making the most of contributions in support of our mission. Supported in part by a membership collective of nine institutions of higher education in Colorado and Utah, the University Press of Colorado compares favorably to other university presses our size, on average:

  • We generate more sales revenue per dollar of support—$4.35 versus $2.29—than our peers.
  • We operate on a break-even basis while receiving only 57 percent of the average institutional support of our peers.
  • We publish more titles per employee—6.6 versus 4.1—than our peers.

Our campaign complements continuing efforts to deliver more on our mission by obtaining economies of scale through partnerships with Utah State University Press (joint publishing operations) and the University of Chicago Press Distribution Center (print and digital distribution).





Contributions can be made electronically on our website or by sending a check to the University Press of Colorado, 245 Century Circle, Suite 202, Louisville, CO 80027. To make outright gifts of securities, life insurance, or other assets and for wording on planned gifts, please contact Darrin Pratt, director, .



Image: Uppermost panel on page 50 of the Venus table on pages 24, 49-50 of the Codex Dresdensis. From Ernst Wilhelm Förstemann's Die Mayahandschrift der Königlichen öffentlichen bibliothek zu Dresden. Mit 74 tafeln in chromo-lichtdruck (1882). Naumann & Schroeder, Leipzig.