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Donald Craig Mitchell

Donald Craig Mitchell

Donald Craig Mitchell is a former vice president and general counsel of the Alaska Federation of Natives, organized by Alaska Natives in 1967 to fight for their historic land claims settlement. In private practice since 1984, he has been intimately involved, both before Congress and in the courts, in the development and implementation of federal Native policy. In 1997, he represented Senator Ted Stevens before the United States Supreme Court as amicus curiae in Alaska v Native Village of Venetie, which upheld Mitchell's view that Congress did not intend land conveyed to Alaska Native corporations to be "Indian Country." He is author of two books and numerous articles on Alaska Native law.

Sold American

The Story of Alaska Natives and Their Land, 1867-1959

Take My Land, Take My Life

The Story of Congress's Historic Settlement of Alaska Native Land Claims, 1960-1971

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