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Moctezuma's Mexico

Visions of the Aztec World

Revised Edition

by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma and Davíd Carrasco

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"Moctezuma's Mexico is a beautiful and useful contribution to the literature. It is a welcome addition to the library of virtually anyone interested in ancient indigenous America."
—The Bloomsbury Review

"Beautifully produced and very readable."
—Library Journal

"A stunning introduction to the Aztec priority."
The Denver Post


Updated with a new chapter by Davíd Carrasco describing how the Aztec world has been reimagined by modern Mexican American communities and Chicano scholars, Moctezuma's Mexico is a lavishly illustrated volume that provides an in-depth historical profile of the Aztec empire on the eve of its fateful encounter with the Europeans. Beginning with an exploration of Aztec history and cosmovision, the authors and two other prominent scholars—Anthony Aveni and Elizabeth Hill Boone—examine Aztec ceremonies, astronomy, myths, rhetoric, and moral philosophy, as well as controversies in recent Aztec scholarship using poetry, sculpture, painting, and the archaeological record.

With nearly 150 full-color illustrations, Moctezuma's Mexico is an important and handsome book that will appeal to scholars and students of Mexico's indigenous past.


Eduardo Matos Moctezuma directed the renowned Templo Mayor Project (1978–2001), which excavated the Great Aztec Temple of the island capital of Tenochtitlan, next to the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Zócalo, Mexico City’s famous central plaza. Matos has served as President of the Archaeology Council and held numerous directorial positions at Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History. He has published over 500 articles, exhibition catalogues, and monographs, including Life and Death in the Templo Mayor (1995) and Moctezuma's Mexico with Davíd Carrasco (2002). From 1979 to the present, he has guided and worked with Davíd Carrasco in setting the research and publishing agenda of the Moses Mesoamerican Archive.

Davíd Carrasco is director of the Moses Mesoamerican Archive, professor of history of religions at Harvard University, editor of UPC's Mesoamerican Worlds series and editor-in-chief of The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures. His works include Mesoamerica's Classic Heritage, Moctezuma's Mexico, Waiting for the Dawn, Aztec Ceremonial Landscapes, Quetzalcoatl and the Irony of Empire (UPC), and City of Sacrifice: The Aztec Empire and the Role of Violence in Civilization (Beacon).

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  • Publication Year: 2002
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  • Author: by Eduardo Matos Moctezuma and Davíd Carrasco
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