American Women in World War I

They Also Served

by Lettie Gavin

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"Gavin draws from the full range of possible sources for this excellent volume. The number of American women who served in World War I ran into the tens of thousands. . . . [T]hey overcame sexism, racism, bureaucratic inertia, shells, gas, the Spanish influenza, long hours, short rations, and poor quarters to accomplish a prodigious amount of work."

"As a result of Gavin's research, hundreds of American women who served in WWI have been identified. Through the use of diaries and memoirs, as well as official records and institutional accounts, Gavin permits the women themselves to describe their experiences."

"A valuable overview of the types of work carried on by women volunteers in 1917-19, supplemented by a wonderful collection of pictures."
—Washington Times

"Gavin has assembled a comprehensive, awe-inspiring record of the indomitable spirit of women. Amidst shells, fire, chemical warfare, raw winter cold, and all the gruesome realities of war, women served 'over there' in ways which have been lost in representations of the Great War."
—Register, Women in Military Service to America

"Gavin has written a most readable narrative . . . of great value in understanding the motivations and actual experiences of women."
—Journal of American History

"Gavin does an outstanding job of sparking a new interest in the contributions of women during World War I. This book is highly recommended for anyone interested in the history of that conflict."
—The Journal of America's Military Past

"The stories will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, with their contrasting poignancy and high spirits."
—Colorado Libraries

"The book is well researched, written in an easy to read style, and includes several useful appendices, such as lists arranged by category (Navy Yeomen, Army nurses, Red Cross, etc.,) of women who died, were killed, were wounded, or received decorations as a result of their service."
—The Journal of Military History

"The contributions of women to the war effort are well recorded in this book."
—Military History of the West

"This paperback edition . . . is a welcome addition to World War I literature, making as it does this valuable overview of women's contributions to the war effort even more widely available."
—Kansas History

"An excellent array of well-chosen photographs informs the text and allows the reader to develop a real sense of the spirit of the women who served and the conditions under which they did so. . . . Gavin has clearly managed to contact many of the first [women] in each of the nine branches of the services and to obtain from them insight into conditions and experiences from 1917 onward."
—Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military & H-Net Reviews

"Through Gavin, we learn that 'those who served' included the female reconstruction aide, clerical worker and telephone operator, all of whom played critical roles in war zones."
—Kyle E. Ciani, Illinois State University; Military History of the West


Interweaving personal stories with historical photos and background, this lively account documents the history of the more than 40,000 women who served in relief and military duty during World War I. Through personal interviews and excerpts from diaries, letters, and memoirs, Lettie Gavin relates poignant stories of women's wartime experiences and provides a unique perspective on their progress in military service. American Women in World War I captures the spirit of these determined patriots and their times for every reader and will be of special interest to military, women's, and social historians.


Lettie Gavin is a retired award-winning writer and editor at the Seattle Post Intelligencer. She lives in Seattle, Washington. American Women in World War I is her first book.

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