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Navajo Women of Monument Valley

Preservers of the Past

by Robert S. McPherson

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"McPherson, through this oral history of Navajo Women living in Monument Valley, provides a unique story of cultural understanding specific to the area. From personal experience and a shared heritage, these women explain their early struggles in life, religious beliefs and sacred teachings, daily activities of a traditional family, and later, battling against cultural loss. Today's rapidly changing world challenges these elders while enticing the young to forget what it means to be Diné. Here, these women share what they want the youth to know. I highly recommend this book to those who wish to learn about the past, understand the present, and consider the future."
—Ronald P. Maldonado, Navajo Nation Cultural Resource Supervisor

"For those interested in what life was like a generation or two ago, the reader will find a personal, oral history approach to what they encountered. Collected more than 30 years ago, their words tell the story of a difficult life that was both rewarding and sacred. . . . . I found in their concerns a common thread that binds generations together, the admonition to live life properly to assure that grandchildren will have a respectable and secure life."
Navajo Times

Robert S. McPherson is professor emeritus of history at Utah State University, Blanding Campus and has published widely on Navajo and Ute history and culture.

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  • Paperback Price: $24.99
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  • Publication Month: July
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Pages: 233
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  • Author: by Robert S. McPherson
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