Hanne Veber

Diane Goldstein, Elissa R. Henken, Bill Ellis, John Laudun, Jeffrey A. Tolbert, Lynne S. McNeill, Elizabeth Tucker, General Editors.



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Indigenous Perceptions and Changing Forms of Leadership in Amazonia

Hanne Veber is an independent senior researcher affiliated with the University of Copenhagen Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, specializing in indigenous cultures and the history of colonization of North America and the Upper Amazon. She has worked with the Ashéninka of Peru’s Selva and published on Ashéninka social and political organization, intercultural relations, material culture, gender relations, indigeneity, and ethnography. She worked intensively with autobiographical stories for her edited volume Historias para nuestro futuro/Yotantsi ashí otsipaniki‘: Narraciones autobiográficas de líderes asháninkas e ashéninkas and co-authored a monograph on the Ashéninka of the Gran Pajonal for the Guía Etnográfica de la Alta Amazonía volume 5. Her other publications include special issues of academic journals, book chapters, and articles.