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Woman of the River

Georgie White Clark, White Water Pioneer

by Richard E. Westwood

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foreword by Roy Webb

"Westwood's excellent biography suggests Georgie's life, both precious and rare because she lived as she chose, will continue somehow in the canyon she loved so much."

—The Salt Lake Tribune

"[Thanks to] Mr. Westwood . . . for allowing us to see Georgie the way she really was."

—The Boatman's Quarterly


Georgie White Clark—adventurer, raconteur, eccentric—first came to know the canyons of the Colorado River by swimming portions of them with a single companion. She subsequently hiked and rafted portions of the canyons, increasingly sharing her love of the Colorado River with friends and acquaintances. At first establishing a part-time guide service as a way to support her own river trips, she went on to become perhaps the canyons' best-known river guide, introducing their rapids to many others—on the river, via her large-capacity rubber rafts, and across the nation, via magazine articles and movies. Georgie Clark saw the river and her sport change with the building of Glen Canyon Dam, enormous increases in the popularity of river running, and increased National Park Service regulation of rafting and river guides. Adjusting to the changes, though not always easily, she helped transform an elite adventure sport into a major tourist activity. She was eighty years old when, at the helm, she guided her last boatload of passengers down the Colorado.


Richard Westwood grew up near the Colorado River in southern Utah and is author of Rough-Water Man: Elwyn Blake's Colorado River Expeditions.

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