Visions of Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake

by Marlin Stum, photographs by Dan Miller

Along the urban corridor of the Wasatch Front, much of the western horizon is formed by the distinctive ridge line of Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake. A state park, the island is a favorite destination for Utah outdoor recreationists and visiting tourists. It is the most popular state park in Utah. Yet, despite its familiarity to Utahns and others, not much is generally known about the island's environment and history. Very few books are available on Great Salt Lake as a whole, let alone on the island specifically. Visions of Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake meets the need for a thoughtful and entertaining overview of this important Utah landmark.

Marlin Stum, journalist and nature writer, grew up east of Antelope Island. He has spent much of his life exploring it and Great Salt Lake both on site and through library research, and he currently works as a volunteer on the island. His book expresses well his affection for the place, through poetic imagery, dramatic historical accounts, and insightful analyses of the changes and threats that affect the island. He covers the story of Antelope in detail, discussing geology and wildlife, archaeology and history, the dramatic impact of natural cycles of fire and flood, the importance of the island's free-roaming buffalo herd, and other topics. He consistently considers Antelope Island in the context of the environment and history of Great Salt Lake and the Salt Lake Valley, from which its story cannot be separated.

The text is illustrated with strikingly beautiful images taken by another long-time Utah resident and island lover, nature photographer and photojournalist Dan Miller, and includes additional historical photographs. Text and photographs work together to provide a rich new sense of a place that, though it is a familiar sight from Salt Lake City and surrounding towns, has been little understood until now.


Marlin Stum was a journalist and nature writer.

Dan Miller is a professional photographer who has worked for most of Utah's major newspapers, including The Salt Lake Tribune and The Herald Journal. He currently designs books and sets type for USU Press. His previous books include, with Michael R. Weibel, High in Utah: A Hiking Guide to the Tallest Peaks in Each of Utah's Twenty-nine Counties (Salt Lake City 1999) and, as photographer, with author Marlin Stum, Visions of Antelope Island and Great Salt Lake (Logan 1999). He is married to Diane Bush.

Imprint: Utah State University Press

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