Joyce Kinkead

A Multimodal Reader

Joyce Kinkead is distinguished professor of English at Utah State University, the 2013 US Professor of the Year for the state of Utah, and a founding member of the International Writing Centers Association. She was named a Council on Undergraduate Research Fellow in 2012 and is the author or editor of several books.

An Introduction to Research Methods

Critical Perspectives on Writing Center Scholarship

Utah State University’s Office of Research and Graduate Studies announced Joyce Kinkead as the 2018 recipient of the D. Wynne Thorne Career Research Award, USU’s highest research honor. Kinkead, an English professor, has been at USU for 35 years. Her publications focus on Writing Studies and Undergraduate Research. She will receive this prestigious award on April 6 at USU’s Research Awards Gala. Click here for more detail!

Joyce is the author of Researching Writing: An Introduction to Research Methods and coeditor of The Center Will Hold: Critical Perspectives on Writing Center Scholarship.

Just when it seems that the book you’ve written is about to appear, the publisher writes with a query, “Will you be indexing the manuscript yourself, or would you prefer to hire a professional indexer?”