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April Nowell's work featured in Discover Magazine

August 11, 2017

"Proteomics: Moving Beyond DNA to Study the Past" in the September issue of Discover Magazine offers insight into the relationship between ancient proteins and the lives of hominins and other ancient creatures, and features the fieldwork of UPC author April Nowell!

"In 2016, a team led by University of Victoria archaeologist April Nowell and her colleague Cam Walker, a biological anthropologist with Archaeological Investigations Northwest Inc. in Portland, Ore., used CIEP to analyze tools found at a 250,000-year-old animal processing site in Jordan’s Shishan Marsh. The researchers identified six species of animals butchered at the site from protein residues on 20 of the tools. 'It’s the first direct evidence of how the tools were used,” says Nowell. “All of a sudden, a wealth of information is unlocked.'"

To learn more about April Nowell's research, take a look at Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Cognition and the forthcoming Archaeology of the Night.


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