Points of Departure Appendices

These appendices may be downloaded and used or modified for teaching or research purposes with attribution.

{tab Chapter 1}

Appendix 1.A
Appendix 1.B
Appendix 1.C
Appendix 1.D

{tab Chapter 2}

Appendix 2.A
Appendix 2.B

{tab Chapter 3}

Appendix 3.A
Appendix 3.B
Appendix 3.C

{tab Chapter 4}

Appendix 4.A
Appendix 4.B
Appendix 4.C

{tab Chapter 5}

Appendix 5.A
Appendix 5.B

{tab Chapter 6}

Appendix 6.A
Appendix 6.B
Appendix 6.C
Appendix 6.D

{tab Chapter 7}

Appendix 7.A

{tab Chapter 8}

Appendix 8.A
Appendix 8.B


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