The History and Ethnohistory of the Aleutians East Borough

By Lydia T. Black and Sarah McGovern

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Alaska History Series

An ethnohistory of the eastern Aleutian Islands, including Unimak Island, the Shumagins, the Sanak Islands, and the Alaska Peninsula. Chapters include:

  • Introduction by Lydia T. Black
  • Aleutians East Borough: An Ethnohistorical Summary by Lydia T. Black
  • Akutanax: The Krenitzin Islands and Akutan from Prehistory to 1867 by Lydia T. Black
  • The Modern Village of Akutan: 1878 to Present by Sarah McGowan
  • Sanak by Lydia T. Black
  • Belkofski: 1824-1898 by Lydia T. Black and Natalia Taksami
  • King Cove by Lydia T. Black and Jerry Jacka
  • Unga: The People and the Community by Lydia T. Black
  • Sand Point by Jerry Jacka and Lydia T. Black
  • False Pass: An Ethnography by Lydia T. Black and Jerry Jacka
  • Nelson Lagoon by Lydia T. Black and Jerry Jacka
  • Cold Bay by Miranda Wright
  • The Lost Village of Pavlovskoe by Lydia T. Black
  • Fishing by Jerry Jacka
  • Fox Farming: A History of the Industry in the American Period by Sarah McGowan
  • The Sea Otter Industry in the Eastern Aleutians, 1867-1911 by Miranda Wright
  • Commercial Whaling at Akutan by Sarah McGowan
  • Unga Coal and Gold Mining by Natalia Taksami
  • War Comes to the Aleutians by Miranda Wright
  • Appendices / Bibliography / Endnotes

Lydia T. Black immigrated to the United States in 1950. She is Professor Emerita at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In 2000, she was awarded The Order of Friendship by the Russian Federation for fostering cooperation between the Russian and American scholarly communities. Dr. Black has published extensively on Russian and Alaskan history and anthropology, including a biography of St. Innocent entitled A Good and Faithful Servant (1997) and the authoritative Russians in Alaska, 1732 - 1867 (University of Alaska Press, 2003). In 2004, she was honored as Historian of the Year by the Alaska Historical Society.

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  • Hardcover Price: $38.00
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  • Publication Month: January
  • Publication Year: 1999
  • Pages: 396
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  • Author: By Lydia T. Black and Sarah McGovern
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