History of the Central Brooks Range

Gaunt Beauty, Tenuous Life

by William E. Brown

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This comprehensive study of historic resources uses rare primary sources to provide a history of the Koyukuk region. History of the Central Brooks Range provides a chronological examination of the region, including anthropological region descriptions of Native groups that make the Central Brooks Range and its surroundings their home.

The history of early exploration, mining, and the Klondike overflow into the Brooks Range exposes readers to the challenges of the Koyukuk region and the rich cultural heritage that still exists today. The integration of cultures during the exploration and mining years shows the versatility and adaptability of the peoples of central Brooks Range.

William E. Brown provides a fascinating history of early exploration, relying almost exclusively on primary sources. His unique interpretation of these sources reveals the extraordinary ways of survival in a rugged northern land. Supplemented with detailed descriptions by Robert Marshall, History of the Central Brooks Range is further enhanced with beautiful illustrations from early exploration to the creation of the Gates of Arctic National Park.

William E. Brown served as historian for the National Park Service Region for ten years before he came to Alaska in 1975. He later served as key man on the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve proposal, as well as adjunct history professor for the University of Alaska’s Arctic Environment Information and Data Center and park historian at Gates of the Arctic National Park and Denali National Park.

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