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Natural History

Bear Man of Admiralty Island

A Biography of Allen E. Hasselborg

Bear Wrangler

Memoirs of an Alaska Pioneer Biologist

Blue Babe

The Story of a Steppe Bison Mummy from Ice Age Alaska

Changing Tracks

Predators and Politics in Mt. McKInley National Park


An Adventure in Ecotourism

Common Interior Alaska Cryptogams

Fungi, Lichenicolous Fungi, Lichenized Fungi, Slime Molds, Mosses, and Liverworts

Crosscurrents North

Alaskans on the Environment

Geology of Southeast Alaska

Rock and Ice in Motion

Grewingk's Geology of Alaska and the Northwest Coast of America

Contributions Toward Knowledge of the Orographic and Geognostic Condition of the Northwest Coast of America, with the Adjacent Islands

Guide to Northeast Pacific Flatfishes

Families Bothidae, Cynoglossidae, and Pleuronectidae

Guide to Northeast Pacific Rockfishes

Genera Sebastes and Sebastolobus

History of the Central Brooks Range

Gaunt Beauty, Tenuous Life

Innocents in the Arctic

The 1951 Spitsbergen Expedition

Last Great Wilderness

The Campaign to Establish the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Living with Wildness

An Alaskan Odyssey


A Guide to the Frozen Ground in Transition

Plants That We Eat

Nauriat Nigiñaqtuat

Point Hope

Life on Frozen Water

Seven Words for Wind

Essays and Field Notes from Alaska's Pribilof Islands

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