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Vranesh's Colorado Water Law

Revised Edition

by James N. Corbridge, Jr. and Teresa A. Rice

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Vranesh's Colorado Water Law is the second edition of the massive three-volume treatise written by the late George Vranesh and published in 1987. Editors James N. Corbridge, Jr. and Teresa A. Rice have reduced the original work from three volumes to one, and they have substantially rewritten and reorganized it to make it more accessible for those involved with and interested in water law and policy. Colorado water law cases decided since 1987, along with relevant federal cases, have been included; statutory material has also been updated and discussed; and recent emerging doctrines in Colorado water law are analyzed in detail, with appropriate citations. Much of the historical detail in the original work has been retained, but it has been shortened to increase the book's utility as a guide to Colorado water law as it exists today.

Vranesh's Colorado Water Law serves as a reference resource for attorneys practicing in the field of water law, as well as a thorough introduction for those just getting started in the subject. It will also be a helpful reference work for individuals and institutions interested in the acquisition and distribution of water: municipalities, water conservancy districts, irrigation organizations, water engineers, and hydrologists.


James N. Corbridge, Jr. is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado School of Law. He has also served as Chancellor at the University of Colorado. His research areas include water law, natural resource law, and international water management. 

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  • Hardcover Price: $89.00
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  • Publication Year: 2000
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  • Author: by James N. Corbridge, Jr. and Teresa A. Rice
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