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Maya Worldviews at Conquest

Leslie G. Cecil and Timothy W. Pugh

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Mesoamerican Worlds Series

"This book is significant, as it is the first edited volume in more than two decades to focus on the Postclassic and Colonial period Maya. It brings together a diverse body of literature, useful for scholars studying all periods of Maya history. It also provides excellent comparative case studies to be used by Colonial period scholars working around the globe."
Journal of Anthropological Research

"The multidisciplinary combination of essays and case studies makes this a unique and valuable contribution."
Journal of Latin American Studies

"Maya Worldviews at Conquest contributes a renewed perspective on the anthropological concept of worldview by focusing on the articulation of multiple worldviews: past and present, familiar and foreign, conflictive and collaborative. This contribtion is best seen as a collective rather than as a singular argument from any one individual chapter."
Cambridge Archaeological Journal


Maya Worldviews at Conquest examines Maya culture and social life just prior to contact and the effect the subsequent Spanish conquest, as well as contact with other Mesoamerican cultures, had on the Maya worldview.

Focusing on the Postclassic and Colonial periods, Maya Worldviews at Conquest provides a regional investigation of archaeological and epigraphic evidence of Maya ideology, landscape, historical consciousness, ritual practices, and religious symbolism before and during the Spanish conquest. Through careful investigation, the volume focuses on the impact of conversion, hybridization, resistance, and revitalization on the Mayans' understanding of their world and their place in it.

The volume also addresses the issue of anthropologists unconsciously projecting their modern worldviews on the culture under investigation. Thus, the book critically defines and strengthens the use of worldviews in the scholarly literature regardless of the culture studied, making it of value not only to Maya scholars but also to those interested in the anthropologist's projection of worldview on other cultures in general.


Leslie G. Cecil is an assistant professor of anthropology in the Department of Sociology at Stephen F. Austin State University, where her research has focused on the Postclassic Mayas' use of pottery to identify themselves as part of a cohesive sociopolitical group.

Timothy W. Pugh is an associate professor at Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, where his research has focused on reconstructing the political geography of fifteenth-to seventeenth-century central Peten, Guatemala.

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  • Hardcover Price: $68.00
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  • Ebook Price: $50.00
  • 30-day ebook rental price: $9.99
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  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Pages: 432
  • Illustrations: 10 color photos, 21 b&w photos, 35 b&w line art il
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  • Author: Leslie G. Cecil and Timothy W. Pugh
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