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Even Cowboys Carry Cell Phones

edited by Teresa Milbrodt

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Volume 2, Manifest West Series, Western Press Books

Like any legendary figure, the cowboy is part myth and part reality, memorialized by history and Hollywood, envied by those who spend days at desks and dream of trading swivel chairs for saddles. The writings in this anthology serve as testament to the cultural love, bordering on obsession, of the American cowboy. These works cover the gamut, from the romanticized movie cowboy to ranchers, freelancers, and contemporary wranglers who wear hoodies and work in massive feedlot pens.

The cowboy that emerges from this collection is multifaceted, as the book juxtaposes cowboys spraying longhorns at a car wash to cowboys advertising services on Craigslist and Pepsi-drinking cowboys riding Amtrak trains. There are portraits of the old cowboys, crotchety coffee-swigging men with too many stories about how things were better four decades ago; however, the figure remains one constructed of loyalties—loyalty to work, loyalty to family, loyalty to animals, loyalty to the land.

The image of the cowboy is vivid in our imagination, inseparable from Western mythology, a means to connect ourselves with the wild and rugged individuals we dream we used to be. In this age of computers and cubicles we want to touch and preserve that history, but we must allow for shifting traditions. As the 35 authors in this collection will remind you, even cowboys carry cell phones.

Contributors: Gina Bernard, Michelle Bonczek, Allen Braden, Sarah Brown-Weitzman, Sally Clark, Peter Clarke, F. Brett Cox, David Lavar Coy, Carolyn Dahl, Heather Fowler, Carol Guererro-Murphy, Lyla D. Hamilton, Merrill Jones, Echo Kalprath, Donna Kaz, Rick Kempa, klipschutz, Tricia Knoll, Ellaraine Lockie, John McCarthy, Anna Moore, William Notter, Stephen Page, Robert Rebein, Heather Sappenfield, Michael Shay, Tom Sheehan, Red Shuttleworth, M. R. Smith, Adam Tavel, Don Thackrey, Joe Wilkins, Leonore Wilson, Kathleen Winter, Brenda Yates


Manifest West is Western Press Books’ literary anthology series. The press, affiliated with Western Colorado University, produces one anthology annually and focuses on Western regional writing.


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  • Publication Month: September
  • Publication Year: 2013
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  • Author: edited by Teresa Milbrodt
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