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The Ecology of Pastoralism

edited by P. Nick Kardulias

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"The Ecology of Pastoralism is a valuable contribution to the anthropology of world pastoralism(s), which have been much more diverse and adaptable than is often understood. I hope that this material gets integrated not only into the anthropology of economics and of the environment but into introductory courses that too often represent pastoralism as nothing but cattle herding and, too often, as peripheral to the main streams of cultural history."
Anthropology Review Database

"The Ecology of Pastoralism is an important milestone in the research of the pastoralism as historical, ecological, cultural, ethnic and archaeological phenomenon which is strongly recommended for specialists as well as for students and the general public interested in a deeper understanding of the inner workings of the interaction of people and nature in historical retrospection."

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"[A] valuable contribution to the literature on pastoralism. . . . The Ecology of Pastoralism provides a useful resource for agricultural historians and anyone investigating pastoral systems."

Agricultural History

"[A] genuinely valuable perspective on the tremendous variability in the adaptation we call 'pastoralism.'"

Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies


In The Ecology of Pastoralism, diverse contributions from archaeologists and ethnographers address pastoralism’s significant impact on humanity’s basic subsistence and survival, focusing on the network of social, political, and religious institutions existing within various societies dependent on animal husbandry.

Pastoral peoples, both past and present, have organized their relationships with certain animals to maximize their ability to survive and adapt to a wide range of conditions over time. Contributors show that despite differences in landscape, environment, and administrative and political structures, these societies share a major characteristic—high flexibility. Based partially on the adaptability of various domestic animals to difficult environments and partially on the ability of people to establish networks allowing them to accommodate political, social, and economic needs, this flexibility is key to the survival of complex pastoral systems and serves as the connection among the varied cultures in the volume.

In The Ecology of Pastoralism, a variety of case studies from a broad geographic sampling uses archaeological and contemporary data and offers a new perspective on the study of pastoralism, making this volume a valuable contribution to current research in the area.

Contributors: Claudia Chang, Michelle Negus Cleary, Thomas D. Hall, Erik G. Johannesson, P. Nick Kardulias, Nikolay Kradin, Lawrence A. Kuznar, Mark Moritz, Mark T. Shutes, Homayun Sidky


P. Nick Kardulias is professor of anthropology and sociology and chair of the archaeology program at the College of Wooster. He also serves as associate director of the Athienou Archaeological Project in Cyprus and co-PI of the Ashland/Wooster/Columbus Archaeological and Geological Consortium in Ohio.

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  • Publication Month: April
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Pages: 272
  • Illustrations: 37 figures
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  • Author: edited by P. Nick Kardulias
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