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Queerly Centered

LGBTQA Writing Center Directors Navigate the Workplace

by Travis Webster

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2022 IWCA Outstanding Book Award
2023 CCCC Lavender Rhetorics Award for Excellence in Queer Scholarship

“An incredibly valuable contribution to the field. Queerly Centered illuminates ways in which all writing center professionals—regardless of their sexuality—might engage in educational missions at their institutions with an eye toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.”
—Liliana Naydan, Penn State Abington

“A valuable contribution to the field vis-à-vis calling attention to capital, labor, activism, and taxing as it pertains to queer bodies and a great contribution for writing center consultants and administrators.”
—Romeo Garcia, University of Utah

"Extends and builds upon foundational writing center texts by providing not just another glimpse into the everyday lives of writing center administrators but highlighting perspectives and experiences that have not been featured as prominently as they should be in our field.”
Southern Discourse in the Center


Queerly Centered explores writing center administration and queer identity, showcasing LGBTQA labor undertaken but not previously acknowledged or documented in the field’s research. Drawing from interviews with twenty queer writing center directors, Travis Webster examines the lived experiences of queer people leading writing centers, the promise and occasional peril of this work, and the disciplinary implications of such work for writing center administration, research, and praxis. Focused on directors’ queer histories, administrative activisms, and on-the-job tensions, this study both connects to and departs from oft-referenced lenses, such as emotional and invisible labor, for understanding work in higher education. The first book-length project that exclusively bridges writing centers and LGBTQA studies, Queerly Centered is for researchers, administrators, educators, and practitioners of all orientations and backgrounds in writing center and writing program administration, rhetoric and composition, and higher education administration.

Travis Webster is assistant professor of writing and rhetoric at Virginia Tech University. He was the University of Houston–Clear Lake Writing Center director from 2015 to 2018 and has worked in writing centers since 2002. His research also appears in College Composition and Communication, Writing Center Journal, WPA: Writing Program Administration, and The Peer Review.

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  • Paperback Price: $22.95
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  • Ebook Price: $18.95
  • 30-day ebook rental price: $9.50
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  • Publication Month: November
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Pages: 158
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  • Author: by Travis Webster
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