Composition, Rhetoric & Writing Studies

Learning Thresholds in Writing, Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy

Triumphs and Travails of Independent Writing Programs

A Feminist Filmmaking Methodology for Rhetoric and Composition

A Theory of Rhetorical Empathy

Activism, Engagement, Praxis

Writing and the Question of Transfer

Affective Digital Mediations toward Film-Composition

A Theory, a History, a Reflection

Persons, Practices, and Sociohistoric Perspectives of Disciplinary Development

Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition

Every student has a story. And everywhere our students go, their stories follow.

Research and Collaboration across Disciplines

Building Equity and Inclusion in the Compassionate Writing Classroom

Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs

Methods for Visualizing a Discipline

Coded Discrimination Contested in Social Media

A Theory and Practice of Literary Affordance

Publics, Presentations, and Pedagogies

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