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Thomas J Noel


The Highest State, Second Edition


A History of the Centennial State, Fifth Edition


Mining Camp to Metropolis

Herndon Davis

Painting Colorado History, 1901–1962

The City and the Saloon

Denver, 1858-1916

May 03, 2016

The Forgotten Artist Who Painted the Unforgettable Face

He painted Colorado's first widely known piece of public art. Probably a million people have stared into her big brown eyes and studied her Mona Lisa smile. Yet few know the name of her creator-husband.

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December 12, 2014

Thomas J. Noel

Thomas J. Noel teaches history at the University of Colorado at Denver, where he is the director of Public History and Preservation and codirector of the Center for Colorado and the West. He is a columnist for The Denver Post, a former National Register reviewer for Colorado, and a former Denver Landmark commissioner. He appears regularly on Channel 9 (NBC) as Dr. Colorado and has authored or coauthored forty-four books on Colorado.

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