Inside Ancient Kitchens

New Directions in the Study of Daily Meals and Feasts

edited by Elizabeth A. Klarich

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"Plenty of high-quality contributions on the menu."
—Marc Vander Linden, Cambridge Archaeological Journal

"All of the authors of this book have made important contributions to knowledge and have raised awareness of topics that require more exploration, such as the role of feasting below the upper strata of society. It will be a usefull addition to the library of archaeologists who have a particular interest in the social dynamics of food preparation and consumption."
—Kristen J. Gremillion, American Anthropologist


The anthropology of food is an area of research in which economic, social, and political dynamics interact in incredibly complex ways. Using archaeological case studies from around the globe, Inside Ancient Kitchens presents new perspectives on the comparative study of prehistoric meals from Peru to the Philippines.

Inside Ancient Kitchens builds upon the last decade of feasting studies and presents two unique goals for broadening the understanding of prehistoric meals. First, the volume focuses on the study of meal preparation through the analysis of temporary and permanent kitchen areas. This move to focus "behind the scenes" is aimed at determining how, where, and by whom meals were financed and prepared. Secondly, data from these preparation contexts are used to differentiate between household-level and suprahousehold-level meals in each case study, resulting in more nuanced typologies of daily meals, feasts, and other food-related events.

Inside Ancient Kitchens presents an important step in the development of new methodological and theoretical approaches within the anthropology of food and will be of great interest to scholars studying the social dynamics, labor organization, and political relationships underlying prehistoric meals.

Contributors: Carlo Colantoni, David J. Goldstein, Amy Groleau, George Gumerman IV, William H. Isbell, Arthur A. Joyce, Laura Lee Junker, Lisa J. LeCount, Donna J. Nash, Lisa Niziolek, James M. Potter, Izumi Shimada, Jason A. Ur


Elizabeth A. Klarich is an assistant professor of anthropology at Smith College and the director of the Pukara Archaeological Project.

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