Stones, Bones, and Profiles

Exploring Archaeological Context, Early American Hunter-Gatherers, and Bison

edited by Marcel Kornfeld and Bruce B. Huckell

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"An important contribution to Quaternary studies in relation to the interpretation of archaeological deposits and the state of the discipline."

—Kenneth Cannon, Utah State University Archaeological Services

“This book will appeal to a wide swath of archaeologist and make a valuable addition to your personal library.”
Plains Anthropologist

“Although Stones, Bones and Profiles: Exploring Archaeological Context, Early American Hunter-Gatherers, and Bison is written for serious scholars in archaeology and related fields, there is much that can be of benefit to all who want to seriously learn more about the earliest American hunter-gatherers.”


Stones, Bones, and Profiles addresses key and cutting-edge research of three pillars of hunter-gatherer archaeology. Stones and bones—flaked stone tools and the bones of the prey animals—are the objects most commonly recovered from hunter-gatherer archaeological sites, and profiles represent the geologic context of the archeological record. Together they constitute the foundations of much of early archaeology, from the appearance of the earliest humans to the advent of the Neolithic.

The volume is divided into three sections: Peopling of North America and Paleoindians, Geoarchaeology, and Bison Bone Bed Studies. The first section dissects established theories about the Paleoindians, including the possibility that human populations were in North America before Clovis and the timing of the opening of the Alberta Corridor. The second section provides new perspectives on the age and contexts of several well-known New World localities such as the Lindenmeier Folsom and the UP Mammoth sites, as well as a synthesis of the geoarchaeology of the Rocky Mountains' Bighorn region that addresses significant new data and summarizes decades of investigation. The final section, Bison Bone Bed Studies, consists of groundbreaking zooarchaeological studies offering new perspectives on bison taxonomy and procurement.

Stones, Bones, and Profiles presents new data on Paleoindian archaeology and reconsiders previous sites and perspectives, culminating in a thought-provoking and challenging contribution to the ongoing study of Paleoindians around the world.

Contributors: Leland Bement, Jack W. Brink, John Carpenter, Brian Carter, Thomas J. Connolly, Linda Scott Cummings, Loren G. Davis, Allen Denoyer, Stuart J. Fiedel, Judson Byrd Finley, Andrea Freeman, C. Vance Haynes Jr., Bryan Hockett, Vance T. Holliday, Dennis L. Jenkins, Thomas A. Jennings, Eileen Johnson, George T. Jones, Oleksandra Krotova, Patrick J. Lewis, Vitaliy Logvynenko, Ian Luthe, Katelyn McDonough, Lance McNees, Fred L. Nials, Patrick W. O’Grady, Mary M. Prasciunas, Karl J. Reinhard, Michael Rondeau, Guadalupe Sanchez, William E. Scoggin, Ashley M. Smallwood, Iryna Snizhko, Thomas W. Stafford Jr., Mark E. Swisher, Frances White, Eske Willerslev, Robert M. Yohe II, Chad Yost




Marcel Kornfeld is professor of anthropology at the University of Wyoming. He has written ten books and numerous articles about Rocky Mountain and Plains archaeology and prehistory and works closely with avocational archaeologists throughout North America.

Bruce B. Huckell is associate professor of anthropology at the University of New Mexico. He has authored or coedited several publications on latest Pleistocene/earliest Holocene subsistence and settlement strategies as well as the late Holocene arrival of maize agriculture in the Southwest.

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  • Publication Year: 2016
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  • Author: edited by Marcel Kornfeld and Bruce B. Huckell
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