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Anthony Aveni

Anthony Aveni

Anthony Aveni is the Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy, Anthropology, and Native American Studies at Colgate University. He has researched and written about Maya astronomy for more than four decades. He was named a US National Professor of the Year and has been awarded the H. B. Nicholson Medal for Excellence in Research in Mesoamerican Studies by Harvard's Peabody Museum. 

Apocalyptic Anxiety

Religion, Science, and America's Obsession with the End of the World

Behind the Crystal Ball

Magic, Science, and the Occult from Antiquity Through the New Age

Revised Edition

Class Not Dismissed

Reflections on Undergraduate Education and Teaching the Liberal Arts

Empires of Time

Calendars, Clocks, and Cultures

Revised Edition

Studying Astronomy in a Cultural Context

Anthony Aveni considers the recent story about the Canadian student who discovered a Maya city by placing a star map over a map of the Yucatán.

The Madrid Codex

New Approaches to Understanding an Ancient Maya Manuscript

Uncommon Sense

Understanding Nature's Truths Across Time and Culture

Who Wants to Know? Understanding Other Cultures through Better Questions

I’ve had some really excellent feedback on my book Class Not Dismissed, especially from readers who ended up, like me, working in a place they wouldn’t have dreamed of nor planned for.

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