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From Military to Academy

The Writing and Learning Transitions of Student-Veterans

by Mark Blaauw-Hara

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“Blaauw-Hara’s work reminds us of the importance of seeing each student-veteran’s transitional experience as their own, shaped by personal, service, identity, educational, and environmental factors as well as their attitudes, goals, and experiences with others. In essence, readers are welcomed into the lived experiences of Blaauw-Hara’s participants as student-veterans, as learners, and as writers.”
—Corrine Hinton, Texas A&M University

“This work provides a structure and format for the college professor seeking strategies to support the veteran student in their classroom and on their campus. Particularly for the writing professor, Blaauw-Hara provides clear parallels between writing instruction and the experiences of military students.”
Teachers College Record

“Blaauw-Hara does a flawless job of focusing on what student-veterans bring to the table, enabling professors to shift focus away from alleged shortcomings. The book also presents a unique and invaluable perspective for current military members, those separating or retiring soon, and those already facing the aforementioned obstacles.”


Grounded in case-study research, this book explores the writing and learning transitions of military veterans at the college level. Providing meaningful research into the ways adult learners bring their knowledge to the classroom, From Military to Academy offers new ways of thinking about pedagogy beyond the “traditional” college experience.

From Military to Academy is a detailed picture of how student-veterans may experience the shift to the college experience and academic writing. Grounding his research in the experiences of student-veterans at a community college, Blaauw-Hara integrates adult learning theory, threshold concepts, genre analysis, and student-veteran scholarship to help readers understand the challenges student-veterans experience and the strengths they bring as they enter the academic writing environment. Each chapter takes a different theoretical approach to frame student-veterans’ experiences, and Blaauw-Hara ends each chapter with specific, actionable pedagogical suggestions.

Composition studies scholars especially have demonstrated an ongoing interest in and commitment to understanding the experiences of student-veterans from military service to postsecondary education. From Military to Academy helps college writing faculty and writing program administrators understand and support the growing numbers of student-veterans who are making the transition to higher education.

Mark Blaauw-Hara is assistant professor, teaching stream, at the University of Toronto–Mississauga. He has served as president of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, and his writing has appeared in Composition Forum, Composition Studies, Kairos, Teaching English in the Two-Year College, The Journal of Teaching Writing, and The Community College Journal of Research and Practice, among other journals. He has also written for several edited collections, including (Re)Considering What We Know and WPAs in Transition, and he has been anthologized in collections such as Teaching Composition at the Two-Year College. Additionally, he serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Veterans Studies.

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  • 30-day ebook rental price: $8.50
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  • Publication Month: September
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Pages: 138
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  • Author: by Mark Blaauw-Hara
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