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Anthropology & Archaeology

"I Won't Stay Indian, I'll Keep Studying"

Race, Place, and Discrimination in a Costa Rican High School

"The Only True People"

Linking Maya Identities Past and Present

A Forest of History

The Maya after the Emergence of Divine Kingship

A Green Band in a Parched and Burning Land

Sobaipuri O’odham Landscapes

A Prehistory of South America

Ancient Cultural Diversity on the Least Known Continent


The Archaeology of Plenitude

Adventures in Eating

Anthropological Experiences in Dining from Around the World

After Dark

The Nocturnal Urban Landscape and Lightscape of Ancient Cities

After Monte Albá­n

Transformation and Negotiation in Oaxaca, Mexico

Alaska Native Art

Tradition, Innovation, Continuity

Alaska Native Cultures and Issues

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

All the King’s Horses

Essays on the Impact of Looting and the Illicit Antiquities Trade on Our Knowledge of the Past

Alternative Pathways to Complexity

A Collection of Essays on Architecture, Economics, Power, and Cross-Cultural Analysis

An Inconstant Landscape

The Maya Kingdom of El Zotz, Guatemala

An Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

Adaptations, Structures, Meanings

Second Edition

Ancient Households of the Americas

Conceptualizing What Households Do

Ancient Maya Commerce

Multidisciplinary Research at Chunchucmil

Ancient Traditions

Shamanism in Central Asia and the Americas

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