Anthropology & Archaeology

Northern Ethnographic Landscapes

Perspectives from Circumpolar Nations

Not Just a Pretty Face

Dolls and Human Figurines in Alaska Native Cultures, Second Edition

Obsidian Reflections

Symbolic Dimensions of Obsidian in Mesoamerica

On Being Maya and Getting By

Heritage Politics and Community Development in Yucatán

Origins of the Ñuu

Archaeology in the Mixteca Alta, Mexico

Parallel Worlds

Genre, Discourse, and Poetics in Contemporary, Colonial, and Classic Maya Literature

Patron Gods and Patron Lords

The Semiotics of Classic Maya Community Cults

Pilgrimage to Broken Mountain

Nahua Sacred Journeys in Mexico’s Huasteca Veracruzana

Postclassic Soconusco Society

The Late Prehistory of the Coast of Chiapas, Mexico

Process and Meaning in Spatial Archaeology

Investigations into Pre-Columbian Iroquoian Space and Place

Prophet, Pariah, and Pioneer

Walter W. Taylor and Dissension in American Archaeology

Pueblos within Pueblos

Tlaxilacalli Communities in Acolhuacan, Mexico, ca. 1272–1692

Quetzalcoatl and the Irony of Empire

Myths and Prophecies in the Aztec Tradition

Revised Edition

Rabinal Achi

A Fifteenth-Century Maya Dynastic Drama

Re-Creating Primordial Time

Foundation Rituals and Mythology in the Postclassic Maya Codices

Relating to Rock Art in the Contemporary World

Navigating Symbolism, Meaning, and Significance

Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East

Recent Contributions from Bioarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology

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