University of Alaska Press

Publishing books on politics and history, Native languages and cultures, science and natural history, biography and memoir, poetry, fiction and anthologies, and original translations, all with an emphasis on the state of Alaska.

Steller's History of Kamchatka

Collected Information Concerning the History of Kamchatka, Its Peoples, Their Manners, Names, Lifestyles, and Various Customary Practices

Still Rainin' Still Dreamin'

Hall Anderson's Ketchikan

Storms and Dreams

The Life of Louis de Bougainville

Stubborn Gal

The True Story of an Undefeated Sled Dog Racer

Take My Land, Take My Life

The Story of Congress's Historic Settlement of Alaska Native Land Claims, 1960-1971

Tales of Ticasuk

Eskimo Legends and Stories

Tanana and Chandalar

The Alaska Field Journals of Robert A. McKennan


The Archaeology of Northernmost Eurasia

Ted Lambert

The Man Behind the Paintings

The Alutiit/Sugpiat

A Catalog of the Collections of the Kunstkamera

The Artists Behind the Work

Life Histories of Nick Charles, Sr., Frances Demientieff, Lena Sours, Jennie Thlunaut

The Big Wild Soul of Terrence Cole

An Eclectic Collection to Honor Alaska's Public Historian

The Biggest Damned Hat

Tales from Alaska's Territorial Lawyers and Judges

The Campus Site

A Prehistoric Camp at Fairbanks, Alaska

The Dall Sheep Dinner Guest

Inupiaq Narratives of Northwest Alaska

The Eskimo Storyteller

Folktales from Noatak, Alaska

The Fires of Patriotism

Alaskans in the Days of the First World War, 1910 - 1920

The First Russian Voyage Around the World

The Journal of Hermann Ludwig von Lowenstern, 1803-1806

The Fur Farms of Alaska

Two Centuries of History and a Forgotten Stampede

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