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Nature & Environment

Blue Babe

The Story of a Steppe Bison Mummy from Ice Age Alaska

Colorado Flora

Eastern Slope, Fourth Edition
A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants

Colorado Flora

Western Slope, Fourth Edition
A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants

Contested Waters

An Environmental History of the Colorado River

Cool Plants for Cold Climates

A Garden Designer's Perspective

Creatures of Habitat

The Changing Nature of Wildlife and Wild Places in Utah and the Intermountain West

Critical Norths

Space, Nature, Theory

Damming Grand Canyon

The 1923 USGS Colorado River Expedition

Deep Freeze

The United States, the International Geophysical Year, and the Origins of Antarctica's Age of Science

Ecological and General Systems

An Introduction to Systems Ecology

Revised Edition

Energy Impacts

A Multidisciplinary Exploration of North American Energy Development

Enos Mills

Citizen of Nature


People and Ecological Change in Alaska's Kachemak Bay

Environmental Preservation and the Grey Cliffs Conflict

Negotiating Common Narratives, Values, and Ethos

Epiphany in the Wilderness

Hunting, Nature, and Performance in the Nineteenth-Century American West


A Multimodal Reader

Fire Management in the American West

Forest Politics and the Rise of Megafires

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