Fall 18

Oral History, Resistance, and the World War II Japanese American Social Disaster

From Theory to Practice

Activism, Engagement, Praxis

Colonial Nahua and Quechua Elites in Their Own Words

The Japanese American Community in New York City, 1876-1930s

Archaeological Studies of Hunter-Gatherer Diversity

Spanish Migration to the United States (1875-1930)

Settlement, Subsistence, and Social Organization in an Early Formative Mesoamerican Community

A Contemporary Legend Casebook

Whiteness and the Creation of the American West

Strategies for Twenty-First-Century Writing Consultations

New Directions for/in Writing about Writing

Public Controversies and Private Struggles

Rhetorics of Natureculture

Rhetoric, Ethics, and the Teaching of Writing

A Paradigm for Ethical Political Engagement

Queer Methods, Queer Projects

Approaches to Supporting Graduate Students in the Writing Center

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