Composition, Rhetoric & Writing Studies

Inventing the World Grant University

Chinese International Students’ Mobilities, Literacies, and Identities

Key Theoretical Frameworks

Teaching Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century

Keywords in Creative Writing

An Insider's Guide for New Composition Teachers

Literacy, Sexuality, Pedagogy

Theory and Practice for Composition Studies

Machine Scoring of Student Essays

Truth and Consequences

Making Matters

Craft, Ethics, and New Materialist Rhetorics

October 05, 2021

Making Progress

Programmatic and Administrative Approaches for Multimodal Curricular Transformation

Mapping Racial Literacies

College Students Write about Race and Segregation

Metabolizing Capital

Writing, Information, and the Biophysical Environment

September 19, 2019

More than a Moment

Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs

Multilingual Contributions to Writing Research

Toward an Equal Academic Exchange

Multimodal Composing

Strategies for Twenty-First-Century Writing Consultations

My Many Selves

The Quest for a Plausible Harmony

Naming What We Know

Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies

Naming What We Know, Classroom Edition

Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies

National Healing

Race, State, and the Teaching of Composition

Negotiating the Intersections of Writing and Writing Instruction

Proceedings from the 2019 Conference of the European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing

Network Sense

Methods for Visualizing a Discipline

Next Steps

New Directions for/in Writing about Writing

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