Michelle F Eble

Teaching Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century

Michelle F. Eble is associate professor of rhetoric and technical communication at East Carolina University. She has published in Computers and Composition, Technical Communication, and Technical Communication Quarterly. She is the coauthor of Primary Research and Writing: People, Places, Spaces and coeditor of Stories on Mentoring: Theory and Praxis, Reclaiming Accountability: Using the Work of Re/Accreditation, and Large-Scale Assessment to Improve Writing Instruction and Writing Programs. She serves as chair of East Carolina’s Behavioral and Social Sciences Institutional Review Board and president of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.

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Improving Writing Programs through Accreditation and Large-Scale Assessments

Reclaiming Accountability: Improving Writing Programs through Accreditation and Large-Scale Assessments, edited by Wendy Sharer, Tracy Ann Morse, Michelle F. Eble, and William P. Banks is the winner of the 2018 Council for Writing Program Administration Best Book Award!